Add design to your garden with our garden edging

Border Edging

The quick way to tidy your garden borders

Keep your borders tidy this year with our garden border edging. Made from high quality steel and power coated, our edging strips off style and durability. Available in multiple styles and sizes.

Designed and manufactured just south of Cambridge, we are proud to introduce our new range of border edging.  Using the latest software we have created a unique but affordable system which is available in a variety of elegant and stylish designs.  These modern garden edging strips are practical but add a stylish finishing touch to your garden design.

To ensure quality standards are maintained, we use only the highest quality steel from our list of approved suppliers.  This steel has been carefully selected for its durability and flexibility which means that our garden edging not only looks good, but will stand the test of time.

  • Will the edging strips rust in the rain?
    No. Our border edging is powered coated to provide a tough outer skin which is water resistant.
  • Can I bend the strips to fit my garden?
    Yes, you can create most shapes with our edging strips to fit your garden.
  • Do I have to buy them in the packets?
    If you know exactly how many you require we can box together your required amount instead of you over ordering.

Any questions please call: 01763 261781 or email:


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